The Home

of your holidays

"A mysterious energy hovers among these walls..."

Welcome! CasaMilleNoveCento is an early XXth century country house surrounded by meadows and forests, about 10 minutes drive away the charming centre of Pontremoli, in a small village called Molinello. Our house is located at the junction between the roads to the Cirone Pass and the Cisa Pass, and is an excellent stop for pilgrims passing on the Via Francigena or other marked trails. Here you can restore your senses in the peace of this beautiful land, while a lot of possibilities are still a stone’s throw away. Whether you prefer a walk in the woods, hiking on the mountains, exploring the coastline, or enjoying wine­, food and cultural tours through thousands of years of history and typical Lunigianese cuisine, CasaMilleNoveCento is the holiday place for you. Eleonora has started this exciting job a few years ago reorganizing the spaces and trying to make them comfortable and welcoming. In a cozy and familiar context CasaMilleNoveCento features two apartments with separate entrances (“Melo” at the ground floor and “Quercia” at the first floor) and four finely furnished bright bedrooms on the second floor with a beautiful view on the valley and the surrounding mountains. Only for the rooms a B&B service is provided. For practical directions or advices Eleonora will always be at your disposal. 45 m2 of wide and versatile open space are available on the ground floor, featuring a modern kitchen and a washroom.